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Post-operative Care Instructions:

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have excessive bleeding or swelling, increased pain, temperature above 101 degrees Fahrenheit, redness or red streaks, or foul smelling discoloured drainage, call the office at (512)912-0480 or MedLink for after-hours (512)323-5465. Kathy, Dr. Kocay's nurse, is available for any concerns you might have at the number listed above. Please do not hesitate to call.

Your first 24 hours: If you are going home, a family member or friend must drive you. Someone should stay overnight with you.

Dressings: Keep dressings as clean and dry as possible. You may remove bandages in 36 hours following surgery and change bandages if they become saturated using clean technique as directed. Do not shower for 24 hours following surgery and be careful to not saturate the dressings. Steri-strips (small strips adhered at the incision site) should be left in place until your post-operative appointment 7-10 days following surgery. These will stay intact even with showering if you are careful to pat them to remove excess moisture and then leave open to air.

Driving: Please donít drive for at least two days after general anesthesia or intravenous sedation or while taking prescription pain pills.

Post Operative Appointments: It is very important that you follow the schedule of appointments we establish after surgery. We normally see patients 7-10 days after surgery, but follow the physicianís orders if he states differently. Occasionally we request to see patients sooner to discuss pathology findings or provide nursing care when necessary.

Activity: Please follow the directions given to you by the physician. Once home, inactivity is not good for you, but neither is overdoing it. Donít try to do too much too soon. You may return to work when you feel up to it, but you will be released medically at your post-operative visit in the office.

Diet: Include plenty of roughage and plenty of liquids in your diet, this will help prevent constipation after surgery. You may require stool softeners or fiber supplements after surgery to avoid constipation possibly caused by pain relievers and immobility. You may use a mild laxative such as Milk of Magnesia. Some surgeries require a special diet temporarily after surgery, the physician will give instructions for this if necessary.

Discomfort: Post-operative pain/discomfort will be controlled with a prescription pain reliever. When and if prescriptions are available, please fill them prior to your surgery. For prescription refills, please contact your pharmacy so that they may fax a request to (512)912-0408. Please allow 24 hours for refills.


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